World Market Advisors is an employee-owned firm that provides custom-designed financial solutions across the generations. We are a multi-generational firm serving multi-generational clients, delivering innovative fiduciary services in a legal and ethical framework that puts clients first.

Whether you want to protect your retirement funds from unexpected trouble, or you’re a young couple saving for a first home, or you want to set aside funds for a child’s college expenses, we have the experience and expertise to help you manage your money in volatile markets and difficult times. We have proven, time and again, that our clients can prosper even in the most challenging circumstances.

World Market Advisors offer innovative financial planning, portfolio management, and advisory services that reflect your needs, values, and aspirations.  Our goal is to create a sustainable future for you, your loved ones, and the broader world.


Managing your finances successfully begins with a plan – a plan to manage your needs, wants, and hopes. Accounting for every part of a plan is crucial. Each plan is different – as different as you are from everyone else.


Everyone deserves to have a portfolio that’s designed for them – from the ground up, to fit their specific circumstances. Tailoring investments to fit your specific circumstances takes time, thought, and expertise. But the rewards are significant.


Our people have had broad experience in a wide swath of the financial marketplace. We offer our expertise at competitive hourly and contract rates, and we provide consultations designed to deliver measurable results.

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